Company Information

This is Potato Kaitsuka

This is Potato Kaitsuka Potato Kaitsuka is a company located in Kasumigaura, Ibaraki Prefecture, dealing exclusively in sweet potatoes. The company was launched in 1975 as a sweet potato wholesaler, mainly engaged in sales to baked sweet potato vendors. In 1996, the company name was changed to Potato Kaitsuka Ltd.
In order to meet the strict demands of professionals in the sweet potato business, our president himself visits the producers to ensure that only top quality potatoes are delivered to customers.
Today, Potato Kaitsuka is supplied with sweet potatoes from about 600 farms in the Rokko region of Ibaraki Prefecture, centering around Hokota city, and sells about 24,000 tonnes of sweet potatoes a year.
On top of supplying baked sweet potato vendors, we recently began the wholesale of processed sweet potatoes to meet the various needs of customers such as deli product manufacturers, confectionary manufacturers, supermarkets and department stores, and this business area has gained a favorable reputation.

Our Innovative Practices

Our Innovative Practices Against the backdrop of increasing awareness about health and the environment, Potato Kaitsuka has been searching for an agricultural method that uses low pesticides and is not dependent on chemical fertilizers. After much consideration as to what would be the fastest way to achieve this goal, we established our own research farm near the company in 2003.
Most companies are usually dependent on public organizations to conduct such experiments, but Potato Kaitsuka has taken on this challenge?what could be said to be an act going against the current trend to slim down operations?to ensure that we quickly and surely reflect the needs of our producers and customers. This also shows the true determination and commitment of Potato Kaitsuka.

Company Overview

Name Potato Kaitsuka Ltd.
Address 240-18 Ogami, Kasumigaura, Ibaraki 300-0132
Phone:029-897-1815 Fax:029-897-1819
Founded 1967
Date of establishment February 2017
Capital 10 million yen 100% of our capital stock is held by Calbee, Inc.
Annual sales Approx. 24,000t
Business contents Processing, wholesale, and retail sale of sweet potatoes, and the production of sweet potatoes
Number of employees 277(Except for temporary employees)
Main customers Food processing companies, mass retailers, etc.
Suppliers Within Ibaraki prefecture: Kashima / Hokota / Oarai / Namegata / Omitama / Kasumigaura
Outside Ibaraki prefecture: Chiba / Kagoshima
Company history 1975 Kaitsuka Shoten Co. Ltd. established
1985 Company name changed to Kaitsuka Co. Ltd.
1996 Company name changed to Potato Kaitsuka Ltd.
2017 Formed a merger with Epoc potato, Co. Ltd. and Fresh potato, Co. Ltd.
2020 Company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Calbee, Inc.



Head office / No. 1 Plant

240-18 Ogami, Kasumigaura, Ibaraki
Phone : 029-897-1815
Business hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

No. 2 Plant

4257-3 Ushiwata, Kasumigaura, Ibaraki
Phone:029-897-1882 Fax:029-897-2237